Connecting your systems, people and customers with a network that is agile, secure and resilient  

We have a long-standing history with computer networks. We started our company based on our core strength in network consulting, design, installation and configuration. Soon after, we were asked by our customers to build upon these services and offer IT solutions to include and address all their extra business IT needs. We listened and we built upon our strong and solid foundations which are the driving force that truly strengthened these solutions and service offerings. We can confidently say that we are a true Managed IT Service Provider who can, without compromise, offer end to end IT solutions, services and technical support.

We create network solutions that connect your people with your IT infrastructure

The network is at the heart of your business operations and it should function well when you really need it. Imagine what happens when you throw into the mix mobiles, tablets, BYOD, WFH, guest access to your network, VPN, cloud, cyber-attacks, secure remote access and the list goes on. The tricky part is choosing the right solutions, finding the right service provider and partnering with reliable technical support team for your business. This is where we can help free your business from the IT hindrances preventing it from reaching its full potential and as you look to more sophisticated technologies and IT solutions to make your, and your team’s jobs easier, it is essential that your network keeps up. Now more than ever, computer networks require ongoing proactive management. Businesses are more frequently choosing to bypass hiring costly additional in-house IT staff, so if you are looking for more cost-effective solutions, you should look to outsource some or all your IT services. Outsourced IT support services are the way forward in a world of advanced computer networking infrastructures. There are a lot of fixed costs involved with hiring, training, and developing in-house IT support teams but you won’t have to worry about any of that with our outsourced IT support services.

Today’s digital world is demanding a high-performing network. See how we can help you meet these challenges.

At MSP 365, we analyse your working environment and business objectives, before designing and implementing a free-flowing, simplified network that delivers the right balance of speed, accessibility, reliability and security. We provide tailored network solutions and services for local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN / SD-WAN), geographically dispersed offices (nationally and internationally), as well as a range of wireless network solutions. Additionally, we offer cloud-based infrastructure, on-premise or a hybrid configuration to provide the best solution that works for your business. We are very mindful of sovereignty and privacy issues, hence we only work with dedicated Australian data centres ensuring all your data stays in Australia.


Empirical IT offers a complete range of IT network solutions and services:

Design & Installation


Electrical and Data cabling


Technical Support


How we work with you


We begin by understanding your business, your IT infrastructure, how many users, how many sites, types of traffic that travels over your network, what challenges you face and pain points. Our team gets to know your organisation, what features you need and what you want to deliver over your network now and into the future.

Network design

Do any of your sites need resilience? Do you have international or geographically dispersed offices that are part of your corporate network? While planning for optimal network design, we take into account your budget, capacity

now and into the future, and QoS for each site. Our solutions can easily incorporate field users, contractors and WFH remote access and private connections.


Feel assured by our migration processes as we work closely with you to minimise disruption to your business, employees and customers during any network migration. Planned migrations are executed with a high degree of control and supported by a team of experienced technicians and expert network engineers.

On-going network management and reporting

As part of the on-going management of your network solution, your entire IT infrastructure and devices can be monitored from our network operations centre (NOC) 24/ 7 / 365 days a year. This includes event reporting and analysis, system alerts, and automatic notifications of any issues.

What is stopping you?  All the IT you have ever needed is just a phone call away, competitively priced and quickly deployed in no time.

MSP 365 Reviews

We are a construction company and always had IT issues with field staff and now WFH people too. this really affected our work. MSP365 did very good job with a thorough analysis followed by a detailed proposal which was simple to read and transparent. This was the best money we ever spent. At least we now have a secure collaborative workspace setup. great team. recommended.
We approached MSP365 to take care of our IT systems. At the beginning we were reluctant to make any changes due to previous bad experiences.We decided to give them a chance and the results were more than we anticipated. The new solution was implemented with negligible interruption to our business.Technicians are efficient & competent allowing us to get on with running our business. Highly recommended.
Excellent team fixed many of our IT issues. Great company and easy to work with. Personalised enterprise grade services. we are a small team, but we always felt very well looked after and taken care of.
We required the assistance of this company (which we knew from Sydney) to resolve our IT issues remotely. As usual they did a great job. The response time was fantastic, we were provided an appointment time which was kept, could not have asked for better! They upgraded our pharmacy IT infrastructure and integrated cybersecurity and disaster recovery solution. This was very much needed. They configured everything, shipped to us and was just plug in and just worked. After sales service was magnificent. They are now our managed service provider. Competitively and reasonable. Would highly recommend!
Empirical IT technicians are professional and provide the required support. They are always easy to contact and great people to deal with. I would recommend.
Great service from Sam and the team. Kept me informed during the whole process, understood the urgency and got us working again very quickly! Explained everything and very affordable. Great service, great value and very friendly so would highly recommend.
Great service from Sam and the team. Kept me informed during the whole process, understood the urgency and got us working again very quickly! Explained everything and very affordable. Great Service, great value and very friendly so would highly recommend.
top managed services from MSP365,. They are my new IT provider and they take care of all our IT needs. they did a great job that i am still thank full for the work done, and highly recommend them to any business. their solutions are very well planned and executed. I was informed and kept in the loop all the way through. Very professional and knowledgeable.
These guys really know their stuff and provide excellent service for very competitive rates. Our network was running really slow and they completed a root-cause and business analysis. Empirical IT provided us with a great solution to get us back up and running in next to no time. They also recommended another solution to protect our network from cyber attacks following a malware virus that our old set up from another company failed to prevent. The new solution has provided us the security and speed necessary for us to continue working with peace of mind. Highly recommended AAAA+++++

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