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Get outsourced IT support for your home office or small business!

Technology is without a doubt essential to the home and small office worker’s success. Moreover, smaller companies have technology needs handled by one person serving as the center of attention within the office. But in order to build a small business, it helps to have as many hands on deck as possible. There isn’t a single IT support expert amongst you, It’s not your field and you probably don’t want it to be.

Enterprise grade Support for Home, WFH and Small Offices with Empirical IT

It is less of a riddle than a fact of life: If he has only one head, how can he possibly wear multiple hats?

Answer: He’s a small-business owner, torn between running his business and doing the behind-the-scenes tasks that keep the business humming along.

As you may know, this requires some juggling. So, while the answer to another question may elude you, it won’t for long: What is a compelling way to reduce the number of hats a small-business owner wears to wearing only a single hat?

Answer: by outsourcing the necessary tasks to professional services firms, which have perfected the practice of wearing only one hat.

Some of the more common outsourced tasks include IT services & support, cybersecurity, storage and backup.

“Using IT service providers and cloud solutions to manage your IT functions makes you more agile as a company and provides flexibility as your business grows.”

There is no doubt that the WFH and small office workers rely on technology to accomplish their goals but trying to handle your IT needs on your own while still meeting the needs of your work and growing business is a tenuous balancing act. The nature of smaller businesses lends itself to one central person within the office handling all the company’s technology needs.

Additionally, in building a small business, every set of hands is needed on deck for the task at hand and for most part you are not IT experts. IT support is simply not your field, and you do not care for it to be, so why not utilise our team to take care of all your IT needs.

Hackers Infest Home Networks with Worms

The pandemic forced us all to adopt remote work, practically overnight, and the era of home-based workforce will continue through 2021 and beyond. As a result, cyber criminals changed their approach and create attacks specifically targeting the home worker. Malicious hackers often include worm functionality modules in their malware, designed to move laterally to other devices on a network.

In 2021, cyber criminals will exploit under-protected home networks as an avenue to access valuable corporate endpoint devices. By deliberately seeking out and infecting the company-owned laptops and smart devices on your home networks, attackers could ultimately compromise corporate networks. Next year, it is expected to see malware that not only spreads across networks but looks for signs that an infected device is for corporate use (such as evidence of VPN usage).


Empirical IT engineers and technicians are well trained and are regularly securing these networks, as well as SME networks, on daily basis. You are only a phone call away from well-structured, affordable and competitive solutions.

Hacker Timeline

Times are changing in the business world, and many new entrepreneurs are choosing to take advantage of home offices to build their business.

Get outsourced IT support for your home office or small business!

We all want to get more done in a day but dealing with IT issues are continually dragging down efficiency, so what can be done to be more productive?

Maybe it is time to consider peace of mind by outsourcing your IT to our experienced team at Empirical IT!

For over 20 years we have been working with home users, WFH and small offices just like yours. We help you become more productive and efficient while ensuring you have the right tools to succeed.

What will it cost?

Australia is built on small businesses, but we also ultimately understand that home and small offices have smaller budgets than larger scale enterprise. Empirical IT flexible solutions, affordable and competitive flat-rate monthly fees as well as workable hourly rates for smaller projects to fit any budget. We work hard to help you buy back both time and peace of mind, so we are the one expense you really cannot afford to live without!

What IT Services and Support Does Empirical IT Offer for Home and Small Offices?

“A company is only as good as the services and solutions it can provide!”

Empirical IT is an end-to-end IT support company and IT solutions provider offering both onsite and remote assistance to home and small office owners.

Some of the core services we offer are:

IT consulting

Ransomware protection

Virus/Spyware Removal

Backup and disaster recovery

Office 365 sales and support

Quick response times

Internet connections

Industry-specific expertise

Mobile device support and management.

Wireless & Network installation and support

Software Upgrades and Installation

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

Peripheral Repair and Installation

Cloud services for small business and home office

24/7/365 IT monitoring and management

Cybersecurity / Online family safety

24/7/365 Remote support Australia wide

Mobile email and connectivity

Supply and setup of computer & IT equipment

Affordable flat fee monthly support plans

Password reset and recovery (PC & Server)

Secure remote support Australia wide 24/7/365

On-site IT support in greater Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands.

What is stopping you?  All the IT you have ever needed is just a phone call away, competitively priced and quickly deployed in no time.

MSP 365 Reviews

We are a construction company and always had IT issues with field staff and now WFH people too. this really affected our work. MSP365 did very good job with a thorough analysis followed by a detailed proposal which was simple to read and transparent. This was the best money we ever spent. At least we now have a secure collaborative workspace setup. great team. recommended.
We approached MSP365 to take care of our IT systems. At the beginning we were reluctant to make any changes due to previous bad experiences.We decided to give them a chance and the results were more than we anticipated. The new solution was implemented with negligible interruption to our business.Technicians are efficient & competent allowing us to get on with running our business. Highly recommended.
Excellent team fixed many of our IT issues. Great company and easy to work with. Personalised enterprise grade services. we are a small team, but we always felt very well looked after and taken care of.
We required the assistance of this company (which we knew from Sydney) to resolve our IT issues remotely. As usual they did a great job. The response time was fantastic, we were provided an appointment time which was kept, could not have asked for better! They upgraded our pharmacy IT infrastructure and integrated cybersecurity and disaster recovery solution. This was very much needed. They configured everything, shipped to us and was just plug in and just worked. After sales service was magnificent. They are now our managed service provider. Competitively and reasonable. Would highly recommend!
Empirical IT technicians are professional and provide the required support. They are always easy to contact and great people to deal with. I would recommend.
Great service from Sam and the team. Kept me informed during the whole process, understood the urgency and got us working again very quickly! Explained everything and very affordable. Great service, great value and very friendly so would highly recommend.
Great service from Sam and the team. Kept me informed during the whole process, understood the urgency and got us working again very quickly! Explained everything and very affordable. Great Service, great value and very friendly so would highly recommend.
top managed services from MSP365,. They are my new IT provider and they take care of all our IT needs. they did a great job that i am still thank full for the work done, and highly recommend them to any business. their solutions are very well planned and executed. I was informed and kept in the loop all the way through. Very professional and knowledgeable.
These guys really know their stuff and provide excellent service for very competitive rates. Our network was running really slow and they completed a root-cause and business analysis. Empirical IT provided us with a great solution to get us back up and running in next to no time. They also recommended another solution to protect our network from cyber attacks following a malware virus that our old set up from another company failed to prevent. The new solution has provided us the security and speed necessary for us to continue working with peace of mind. Highly recommended AAAA+++++

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