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IT Security and Compliance are core aspects of the IT industry which involve diligence and continuous management. Every day, security risks are getting more nuanced, more advanced, and harder to identify.

Your company wants a robust, but versatile, IT security policy that protects your networks and data, complies with increasingly comprehensive regulations, and encourages workers to operate collaboratively from anywhere on any computer.

Businesses need a comprehensive, modern approach to their business IT security in the 21st century, and we do this perfectly. As part of our managed IT security and Cyber reselience services, we examine your IT security landscape and work processes before offering you options. We partner with leading vendors like Cisco to optimize user accessibility and network speed with a robust security policy that keeps your network safe and enables you to adapt to changing security threats.

Your firewall should be carefully configured, constantly monitored, and maintained to help protect your organisation from cyber threats. We can provide proactive IT security management that can include installation, configuration, monitoring, and management of software upgrades for your firewall, ensuring it provides the most protection for your business’s IT. For its flexibility, networking adaptability, high-security standards, flexibility, and networking capabilities, Cisco Meraki, or any other solution you may prefer, is a popular choice as with its secure VPN connectivity.

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, we advocate layered security approach to safeguard the organisation’s IT assets and network. The monitoring, detection, and remediation approach will ensure that all the bases are covered.

Trusted access is multi-layered security fabric solution to protect local networks as well as WFH and mobile workforce, whether they are using desktop, mobile, tablet or laptop

Managed cybersecurity service protects you from

Breaches caused by loss or theft of company mobile devices

Ransomware and Other emerging cyber threats

Unauthorised access to apps and data

Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and Botnets

Spam, phishing, and other scams

Data breaches caused by human error

Cisco DNS Security

Who is using Cisco DNS Security Umbrella?

Umbrella is being successfully used in more than 18,500 companies worldwide. This includes healthcare, energy, finance, education, manufacturing, retail, construction, and many other verticals.

You can access customer case studies here:

Email Security Services

As an important channel of information exchange in your organisation, email is a prime target for malware and ransomware. Our email security services will keep your business safe from the most sophisticated and emerging threats. A secure email gateway adds an extra layer of security to existing setups, providing protection against both high volumes and targeted cyber threats, as well as data loss prevention and compliance management. We can integrate email security system with other security products in order to create a robust perimeter of security around your entire network and workforce.


The modern workplace is undergoing change. Distributed businesses and remote working are becoming the norm. Increasing complexity, limited bandwidth, and security concerns posed by business-critical applications are placing traditional WAN architectures under increasing stress due to business-critical applications moving to multiple cloud environments.

SD-WAN replaces separate WAN routers, security, and optimization devices with a single integrated solution that is application-centric, provides automatic WAN path control and multi-broadband support, significantly improving application performance, lowering operating expenses, and simplifying management.

Endpoint Security Protection

Software-based endpoint security protection technology goes past the old anti-virus products’ limited protection capabilities. We offer flexible Cyber Security resiliece platform which includes Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, patented Auto Containment and 24/7 managed remediation SOC, allowing you to balance endpoint and cyber security against cost. Additionally, these include behaviour-based detection, privilege management, content isolation, and advanced signature-less prevention which provides the freedom to your users while allowing you control over the network and data inside it.

Web Security

We will protect your web-based IT by ensuring your organisation’s website, its web applications, and web-based services are continuously monitored and secured. We use a range of technologies, including data pattern analysis and detection engines, to reduce the risk from direct and indirect attacks, malicious sources, and other more advanced threats, such as SQL injection.

Vulnerability Management Solutions

A vulnerability management solution facilitates your company’s job of identifying, classifying, and prioritising vulnerabilities. It does this by assessing both your existing infrastructure and looking at your IT networks, infrastructure, and systems from the outside-in as a potential hacker would. By anticipating a breach, you can help mitigate it by finding the gaps in your armour and addressing them before a breach occurs.

Security for SME

Generally, SMEs don’t prioritise or spend enough on cybersecurity and they are becoming the targets of choice for hackers, scammers, and others who prowl the internet today. Empirical IT team have designed and tested cost-effective solutions that most SMEs cannot survive without. Even one data breach or ransomware attack could result in lost revenue, steep fines, and reputational damage of which about 60% of businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber-attack.

Our Managed Cybersecurity Services protect your business network from cyber-attacks and help you stay in compliance with government regulations. Our experts will systematically assess your systems to identify any vulnerabilities before implementing cutting-edge cyber defence tools and protocols. Cybercriminals and evolving malware attacks will be prevented from attacking your systems, data, and mobile devices.

MSP 365 Reviews

We are a construction company and always had IT issues with field staff and now WFH people too. this really affected our work. MSP365 did very good job with a thorough analysis followed by a detailed proposal which was simple to read and transparent. This was the best money we ever spent. At least we now have a secure collaborative workspace setup. great team. recommended.
We approached MSP365 to take care of our IT systems. At the beginning we were reluctant to make any changes due to previous bad experiences.We decided to give them a chance and the results were more than we anticipated. The new solution was implemented with negligible interruption to our business.Technicians are efficient & competent allowing us to get on with running our business. Highly recommended.
Excellent team fixed many of our IT issues. Great company and easy to work with. Personalised enterprise grade services. we are a small team, but we always felt very well looked after and taken care of.
We required the assistance of this company (which we knew from Sydney) to resolve our IT issues remotely. As usual they did a great job. The response time was fantastic, we were provided an appointment time which was kept, could not have asked for better! They upgraded our pharmacy IT infrastructure and integrated cybersecurity and disaster recovery solution. This was very much needed. They configured everything, shipped to us and was just plug in and just worked. After sales service was magnificent. They are now our managed service provider. Competitively and reasonable. Would highly recommend!
Empirical IT technicians are professional and provide the required support. They are always easy to contact and great people to deal with. I would recommend.
Great service from Sam and the team. Kept me informed during the whole process, understood the urgency and got us working again very quickly! Explained everything and very affordable. Great service, great value and very friendly so would highly recommend.
Great service from Sam and the team. Kept me informed during the whole process, understood the urgency and got us working again very quickly! Explained everything and very affordable. Great Service, great value and very friendly so would highly recommend.
top managed services from MSP365,. They are my new IT provider and they take care of all our IT needs. they did a great job that i am still thank full for the work done, and highly recommend them to any business. their solutions are very well planned and executed. I was informed and kept in the loop all the way through. Very professional and knowledgeable.
These guys really know their stuff and provide excellent service for very competitive rates. Our network was running really slow and they completed a root-cause and business analysis. Empirical IT provided us with a great solution to get us back up and running in next to no time. They also recommended another solution to protect our network from cyber attacks following a malware virus that our old set up from another company failed to prevent. The new solution has provided us the security and speed necessary for us to continue working with peace of mind. Highly recommended AAAA+++++

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